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Be B.O.L.D.

You were born to Believe, Overcome & Live Differently.


B.O.L.D. Youth Ministry

Where Every Color Shines, Every Voice Matters, and Every Heart Belongs in the Mosaic of God's Family

We're not just a youth group, we're a cultural disruption. A disruption of compassion, of acceptance, of breaking down walls and building bridges. We're about unleashing your faith to create a world where everyone feels seen, heard, and loved.

What to Expect

Community and support:

Space on Sundays to connect & grow with God and others during Teen Church.

Adventure and exploration:

From movie nights to adventure parks to service projects & retreats, we're here to guide you as you learn more about building a healthy relationship with God, yourself and others.

Mentorship and guidance:

We'll walk alongside you, encouraging you to overcome challenges as you strive to live differently in a world that desperately needs your light.



B.O.L.D. isn't just a youth ministry, it's a movement. A movement of passionate young changemakers who believe in the power of love to transform the world. 

Are you B.O.L.D. enough to join us?

Connect with us to get involved!


Register for an event with us here!


#BOLDYouthMinistry #BeDifferent #ChangeTheWorld

Together, we can build a kingdom where every color shines, every voice matters, and every heart belongs.

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